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Date and Time keeping in Tactical Advance

(The Tactical Advance UTC clock)

Tactical Advance has members in all three main regions of the world:

  • The Americas (America)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)

Because of the international nature of the organisation, Universal Coordinated Time is the de facto standard timezone for time keeping within Tactical Advance. It is advised that all members always mention time in UTC so that all members can easily convert the time and date to their local timezone.

Tactical Advance uses Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) in 24 hour format as a common time unit for all members. UTC is also known as Zulu time.

Dates are formatted as follow: DD-MM-YYYY

This time format is mandatory when setting up common group activities and meetings. All members are advised to learn the time difference between UTC and their own local time.

Members needing help to convert time to UTC or other timezone can use online time converters like this one:

How to set up additional clocks with different timezone on Windows

1. Navigate to the date and time settings of Windows, with Windows 10 this can be done easily by left clicking on the clock in the bottom right of your main monitor and the selecting the “date and time settings” link at the bottom of the clock/calendar that appears.

2. Scroll down to “Add clocks for different time zones” and select it by left clicking.

3. A new window appears with (on my computer) two selections for additional clocks, from here you can select from a drop down box which time zone you wish to use for that clock, name the clock, and select a check box in order to “show the clock”.

4. Select Apply, and then press OK.

Congratulations. Upon clicking on your task bar clock, you will now not only see the clock/calendar displayed (as you did before) but also a permanent, secondary clock within that dialogue displaying UTC. From now on you can avoid any confusion about timings with just a single click!

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