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Teamspeak Information

Where to get it:
Password: tac1

General Tactical Advance Teamspeak Rules

Spirit of the Tactical Advance Teamspeak

Teamspeak is a place for our members to hang out, share ideas, and work towards common goals in a safe and welcoming environment. The following are some general pointers to help ensure Teamspeak is an enjoyable and welcoming place to play games, or just hang out.

General Chat is considered a lounge, a room when people can come and go from with ease. If you are entering the room stay quiet for 2-3 seconds, make sure you're not walking into an active conversation. The same goes for people within the room, if there is a conversation going do not interrupt it to welcome a new member. Please use the Text chat to “wave/acknowledge” new joiners as required. Exceptions to this will be if someone is 'checking' the channel. This is only to be used in urgent situations when multiple users are required. If a single person is required, poke them.

When in general chats or game chats it's really important for you to read the room. Be aware of how many users there are in the room, and how many are participating in the discussion, if it's just you talking for 5 minutes maybe it's time to change topics.

Don't narrate your Game/Life/TV Show/Video. If someone wants a play by play, start streaming and share the link.

Understand that lag can have very negative affects on your Teamspeak Experience. You might start talking first and then someone might start talking but you don't stop cause hey you started first but the other started first on his end and BAM no-one in the channel heard anything cause you both talked over each other and everyone's time was wasted.

Finally, Staff at all levels volunteers countless hours of their own time to ensure the community is healthy and strong, please feel free to reach out and discuss anything with them in a polite and professional manner.

Teamspeak 3 Code of Conduct

With the Spirit of Teamspeak outlined above, the following 'Code of Conduct' are the enforceable rules. If it is not listed in this document it does not exist and is not enforceable. The only exception being the Executive Board maintains the right to act in the best interest of the organization, regardless of whether or not any rule was technically broken. Any interpretation the following rules must adhere to the Spirit of TS. Please direct all concerns with the nature of this document to the Director of Media or HR. Teamspeak conduct will be policed by Moderators, at this time, HR Officers are the moderators of Teamspeak.


Do not move someone without their permission. Poke or chat first.
No behavior with malicious intent or using vulgar names/topics of conversation.
If you become angry or entrenched in a debate that isn't going anywhere, take a break.
Don't yell, scream, or rage at anyone in TS at anytime. If you have a problem speak with HR, if you are HR, speak with a high up.
Belligerence to anyone is not acceptable.
At any time during a conversation making a joke about a generalization, or stereotype is not acceptable. Don't interrupt someone that is talking. Let them finish.

Violations will be dealt with as they come up and with the specific person involved. If an entire conversation has been soured the conversation may need to be changed.


To stream while in the TA TeamSpeak you must create a temporary channel that satisfies the following:

  • Channel name must start with “Live” or “Streaming” and be followed by your streaming channel (Eg: “Live -”).
  • Channel Location must be under the game you will be streaming, if you are streaming an “other game” just create a room in the Other Games channel and append the room name with the game. (Eg “Live - - FarmVille” )

If you are going to be streaming multiple games the channel can stay under the game you started, please just update the channel name as you would for an Other Game.
Anyone in TA is free to join this room however they must treat these rooms like “Talk Shows” where the streamer is the 'host' and everyone else are guests, taking queues from the 'host'.
Members joining a stream must give the 'host' at least 30 seconds to acknowledge them before they can say anything. Again just imagine walking into the set of a talk show.
When a member streams the brand of the Organization, as a whole, is broadcast to the world. With that in mind, these rules will be strictly enforced.


The same rules for chat apply to your avatar. Nothing offensive, rude or inappropriate. Any image that can be construed as having the intent to instigate or incite other members is strictly prohibited. While we are an 18+ Org, our members have children and families.

Absence and inactivity

If you expect yourself to be AFK for more than 20 minutes please move yourself to the AFK Room. If you haven't said (typed or spoke) anything in 60 minutes please move yourself to the AFK/Poke If needed channel. If you are in General Chat and you have been AFK for more than 180 minutes and the channel is 33% AFK, you might be moved.*

There is a difference between Poke if Needed and the AFK channel. As it stands if you are in the poke as needed to are considered “online” this is especially key for officers. If you aren't going to be available please move yourself to AFK. When the Star Citizen PU launches, if you are in Poke if Needed you will be expected to respond. *This will be revisited if bandwidth issues become a problem, however as of we are running at less than 10% usage This will be revisited closer to launch

Using other Channels

There are many channels in Teamspeak. General chat is considered a lounge, any conversation, any topic as long as it adheres to the spirit, and code of conduct. Game channels and permanent sub-channels are also considered lounges with set specific topics. However if you create a sub channel of your own, and name it something meaningful “Streaming”, “recording video”, etc… it is expected that people will knock (Poke/text) before entering. Playing “Cards Against Humanity” is not acceptable in any channel other than a “Card against Humanity” Channel.

Push-To-Talk(PTT) vs. Voice Activation (VOX)

In general channels PTT is preferred. If your MIC goes active for more than 8 seconds you may get moved to the open mic channel. If you can use VOX in general chat without transmitting unwanted/unneeded background noises (Eating food, loud music, television, odd audio feedback, breathing, keyboard/mouse usage and so on) you will be permitted to. Gaming channels are open to PTT or VOX.

Politics and religion as topics of discussion on TeamSpeak

Although religious and political discussions are not specifically prohibited, these types of discussions must be taken to the designated channel immediately upon request by any member. All parties involved in the discussion must agree to move the discussion or change the topic. This rule will be strictly enforced so that the diversity that we enjoy in the Tactical Advance organization may be maintained as a strength. These two topics far outpace any other in terms of their divisive and destructive power in a social setting and will not be allowed to become a disruption.

Member identification on TeamSpeak

Your TS name must be, or include, your RSI handle. From there and nicknames can't be too long, something that can easily be said, and is in good taste. Do not use any nicknames that are vulgar, disrespectful, or controversial. We require some measure of maturity in order to maintain a quality Teamspeak server for our members.

Inviting potential members into Teamspeak

The information for connecting to the TeamSpeak server will be provided to potential members only via private means of communication. Only members of the Organization are able to access the forums and view all its contents. Therefore non-members should not be given the TeamSpeak info unless they want to be recruited or fall under the Guests Section.

Guests In Teamspeak

There are many different types of guests. We have grouped them into 4 different types.

  1. Guests
    1. No tag, new members possible recruits.
    2. They should only be in General Chat or German General Chat
  2. Approved Guests (Friends of the members)
    1. Friends of the organization. Here to chat or play games.
    2. They are free to play in any channel when invited or just hang our in general chat
  3. Foreign Diplomats
    1. These are friends of the org, they are free to speak with any member
  4. Asylum Guests
    1. They are essentially members. When T.A. absorbed Asylum some of the members did not purchase SC so they fell into a limbo sort of category, they are members but they can't be member under the guidelines but they're more than approved guests…
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