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Tactial Advance Military Division

TA Military Division
Emblem of the
TA Military Division
Active 2014 - Present
Role Power Projection, Incident Response, Direct Action
Strength 2 Fleets 3 TALON Teams
How to Join Military Enlistment Form
Ships and Equipment see Equipment
Members see Members
Director Pending
Assistant Director Ryker Jack
Council Alpha Groth
Staff Officers Karim Status-Zero
BuzZz Niko Citadel Sgtteddybear SolarFire
Line Officer Pending Game

As Tactical Advance's military force, the military is responsible for both the offensive and defensive operations undertaken by the fleet, both in space and on the ground. These operations include, but are not limited to: elimination of hostile forces, protection of Tactical Advance and allied assets, preservation of Tactical Advance trade routes, and the security of any operation that takes place along these routes.

Operational Units

1st Fleet is currently assembling
2nd Fleet is pending initial formation


Baden Battle Group is currently assembling
Nova Flagship is currently assembling
Obsidian is Classified

Administrative Entities

Department of Defense

“Behind every great power lies an even greater military.”

The Department of Defense is, in short, the Tactical Advance military. Its objectives are clear and concise: to protect the org and its assets from threats, to deter hostile action, and above all, to protect our members and allies in the unforgivable expanse of space.

The majority of military personnel will typically take part in the Department of Defense, which is the core branch of the TA Navy. Responsibilities in this branch include maintaining operational fleets or running logistics operations as part of a Support Group, and pressing into the fray as part of a Battle Group. The Department of Defense operates under an “Officer-on-Duty” structure, where the active officers will assign members with appropriate roles based on current events. When initially logging in, members will need to contact any of the officers on duty at the time to receive their orders.

Battle Groups

When assigned to a Battle Group, your responsibilities will range from escorting a large convoy of organisation-owned assets, to clamping down on the reaches of pirate and Vanduul influence. No two days in the Navy will be the same. Battle Groups work closely with Support Groups, and rely heavily on the timely arrival of fuel, munitions, and repairs.

Support Groups

If the active Battle Groups are full, or if combat isn't your main intrigue, you will likely be assigned to a Support Group. Perhaps the most vital groups in the Navy, Support Groups are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Naval assets. Fuel collection in active warzones, providing munitions and spare parts, along with ensuring that our front-line assets are constantly supplied with the latest and greatest gear - each of these responsibilities could be yours as a member of a Support Group. They are vital to the success of our Battle Groups.



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