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Diplomacy Division

Diplomacy Division
Tactical Advance
Emblem of Diplomacy
Active 2015 - Present
Role Building Reputation and Relationships with External Partners
Director Roy Urquhart
Assistant Director Vacant
Council Members Vacant
Diplomatic Officers Ghosthawk
PoC Officer Benji

The Diplomacy, is a division within the Tactical Advance Organization that is the official representing body to external groups, organizations, partner, and alliances. It’s primary responsibilities include: reaching out to like-minded organizations; to facilitate negotiations; and manage partnerships and external conflicts through a diplomatic process. Its motto, “Building reputation and relationships with external partners”. The Diplomacy serves as the central-point of contact for all external groups and is at the frontier for all inter-organizational relationships.

The Director of the Diplomatic Service, more commonly referred to as “Director of Diplomacy”, serves as the Head of the Division. The Director is appointed by the serving members of the Executive Board, to whom he/she directly reports to. Annual reports are also made to Tactical Advance.

The incumbent is assisted by an Assistant Director (A/D). The Assistant Director is appointed by the Director, to whom he/she directly reports to.

Director of Diplomacy

Director of Diplomacy
Emblem of the Diplomacy Director
Incumbant Roy Urquhart
Assistant Director Vacant

The Diplomacy Director is responsible for managing, establishing and building the external relationships and reputation of the Tactical Advance Organisation within the wider Star Citizen community, as well as responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Diplomatic Service and its Staff. He/She is also assisted by an Assistant Director, who is personally appointed by the Director of Diplomacy.

Responsibilities pertaining to the position includes:

  • Informing the Executive Board of all important and relevant matters of Diplomacy
  • Advise the Executive Board and the Board of Directors on all matters relating to external relations and/or conflicts
  • Is the official representative for Tactical Advance in official PACT meetings

Responsibilities of the Assistant Director for Diplomacy (A/D ):

  • Informing and reminding the active Director of all upcoming meetings;
  • Represent the Director in his/her absence;
  • Will be the official deputy representative in the PACT meeting alongside the Director
List of Directors of Diplomacy
No. Director Assumed OfficeLeft Office:A/D DSTAAssumed OfficeLeft Office
1DeathRisesJanuary 1, 2015 June 10, 2016:Dr. A. Greene January 1, 2016 Promoted to Director
2Dr. A. GreeneJune 10, 2016 March 4, 2017 :RumgedAugust 1, 2016 January 28, 2017
3DeathRisesMarch 4, 2017 MIA : VACANT
4Roy UrquhartMay 1, 2017 Current : VACANT

Recruitment Process

In order to apply for a position within Diplomacy, simply send a pm to the current Director of Diplomacy or any Diplomacy Officer, through the forum, and express your interest in joining Diplomatic Services. You will be inducted as a cadet under the supervision of a current officer/counsellor and be assigned various tasks for you to either determine which department under Diplomacy Division you prefer to dedicate yourself to, and/or for you to shadow current operations to ease you into the regular operations of a Diplomacy Officer.

Diplomacy Staff

Commonly referred to as Diplomatic Officers, and mainly comprise of Diplomats. Their main role is to establish and maintain informal / formal contact with external groups on behalf of the Director for DSTA. Besides that of a Diplomat, Auxiliary roles within DSTA exists in the administrative level. These Auxiliary Roles for DSTA include

  • Staff Management
  • Information Management and documentation writing
  • Open Source Data Management

History of Diplomacy:

4th Office of Diplomacy (May 2017 - CURRENT)
01Roy Urquhart 1st of May, 2017 Director
02Ghosthawk1st of May, 2017 German Officer
03Ameerus11th March, 2017 Russian Diplomat
04bog20th May, 2017 European Ambassador
05Benjamin Smaridge 20th of May, 2017 TS Contact Officer
05Platedwolf 1st of May, 2017 Trainee
3rd Office of Diplomacy (March 2017 - April 2017)
01Deathrises4th March, 2017 Director
02Roy4th March, 2017Counsellor & Russian Diplomat
03Ghosthawk4th March, 2017 Administrative Officer
04Arkx 4th March, 2017 Russian Diplomat
05Para 4th March, 2017 Administrative Officer
06Ameerus11th March, 2017 Russian Diplomat
2nd Office of Diplomacy (2016 - Feb 2017)
No.NameAssumed OfficeLeft Office:Last Held Position
00Dr. Albert Greene1st January, 2016 4th March, 2017 :Director
01Rumged1st February, 2016 27th January, 2017 :Assistant Director
02Ghosthawk 4th March, 2017 :Administrative Office
03Arkx 4th March, 2017 :Russian Diplomat
04Para 4th March, 2017 :Administrative Office
05Max_Warpten 19th February, 2017 :French Diplomat
06Electrolf 30th January, 2017 :German Diplomat
07Roy13th November, 2016 3rd March, 2017 :Counsellor & Russian Diplomat
08Benjamin_Smaridge23rd November, 2016 4th March, 2017 :Counsellor & Admin. Office
09PlatedwolfNot officiated 4th March, 2017 :Cadet
10SleeppingwolfNot Officiated 4th March, 2017 :Cadet
1st Office of Diplomacy (2015 - 2016)
No.NameAssumed OfficeLeft Office:Last Held Position
01DeathrisesJune 2015July 2016:Director
02GrothJune 2015July 2016:German Diplomat
03InnocenceJune 2015July 2016:Proofreader
04FuhgeddabouditJune 2015July 2016:
05CalienJune 2015July 2016:Council
06LectorwolfJune 2015July 2016:
08Dr. Albert Greene1st January 2016:Director
09Electrolf:German Diplomat

Official Tactical Advance's External Relationships

No. Logo Name of Organisation RSI Handle Status Existing Treaty (Date Signed)
1 Imperium IMPERIUM Defence Alliance Mutual Defence Treaty (12/2015)
2 КВАЗАР [Quasar] QUASAR Defence Alliance Mutual Defence Treaty (12/2015)
3 Valinor Aerospace Ltd. VALINOR Friendly Unofficial Trade/Non-Aggression Agreement
4 System United Navy SUN Friendly
5 The Association of Capitalists, Explorers, and Soldiers ACES Friendly
6C.R.A.S.H. Corp. CRASH Friendly
7 M.E.R.C. Corp. MERCCORP Friendly
8 icon_tbd Aerospace Alliance AEROSPACEA Non Aggression


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